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If you are a consulting Vedic astrologer and would like to be referred clients for a gem recommendation consultation, please register here. Clients who don't already have a Vedic gem recommendation will be provided with three astrologers names, contact info and the fee structure for such a consultation. Referrals are based on geographical proximity and astrologer's names are rotated in the areas where more than three astrologers are registered.

As there seems to be some controversy as to how the gems work and the best way to prescribe or recommend gems, I'd like to share my findings. The vast majority of sources agree that gems are ideal for strengthening a temporal or functional benefic planet that is weakened either by aspect from a functional malefic planet or by weak sign placement. Dr. David Frawley's Upayes lecture tape, from the ACVA conference in June 2002 in Orlando, Fl. is available from ACVA, and is recommended for anyone interested in studying the Vedic use of gems. The information found there is extremely clear. As Dr. Frawley stated in his Upayes lecture, 'Gems serve to magnify energies… Gems are mainly used to strengthen weak planets in the chart, whereas other ritual methods are used to counter the effects of overly strong malefic planets in the chart.' This information from one of the preeminent Vedic astrologers and scholars is in alignment with all of the written material on the Vedic uses of gems that I have read. Please find a list of books under Sources and Links for additional information. A reliable source for determining which planets are temporally malefic or benefic for a chart is Dr B. V. Raman's 'Three Hundred Important Combinations'. Instead of expecting gems to ameliorate the effects of the temporal malefics in the chart, mantras and rituals may be used to ameliorate these malefic influences. During my 20 years in the jewelry industry, I have had experience wearing practically all of the gems and am personally convinced that the wearing of gems for the temporal malefics in the chart can be very risky, if not dangerous.

Clients generally own and wear a lot of jewelry and will be served with a rundown of which planets gems would be ideal, safe or unsafe to wear. A priority is to make sure that clients are not wearing gems that could be potentially dangerous for them. Any planets in the chart that can be strengthened to enhance specific areas of the life will be noted. Ideally clients will receive the whole rundown by planet and/or gem, as they may own jewels that may not be ideal for them, but that clearly will not cause harm. A short description of the areas of the life that may be supported or harmed by the respective gems would be great. Please indicate if you prefer to do this work in writing, by telephone, in person, etc. and if you supply a taped reading.

Upon delivery of a gem or piece of jewelry, I provide mantra and empowerment instructions. Simple Muhurtha rules as outlined in both Howard Beckman's Mantras, Yantras and Fabulous Gems and Harish Johari's The Healing Powers of Gemstones are followed. These basic rules are:
1) The day of the week of the planet for the gem, or a friend's planet day,
2) A strong, waxing Moon, usually choosing a day in the week before the Full Moon, and
3) A nakshatra of the planet or a nakshatra of a friend of the planet of the gem that is being empowered. Clients are supplied with two planetary mantras. One from my mantra teacher, Namadeva, Thomas Ashley-Farrand's Healing Mantras (see the Colors, Mantras, etc. chart under Planetary Gems) and one from Harish Johari's The Healing Power of Gemstones.

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