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Planetary Gems

Gems have been valued and revered throughout history for their beauty, rarity and … power! Even today, we recognize the power emanating from a person wearing magnificent jewelry and gems. Our modern day awareness is perhaps limited to sensing the economic power. The power of a gem, for good or evil consequences brought upon the owner, has also been acknowledged historically. One of the most well known cases of a gem bringing harm to the owners is The Hope Diamond.

Can wearing a sapphire increase your focus leading to more success in your career? Yes, for certain birth charts!

Can a beautiful emerald dramatically improve your public speaking and communication skills? Yes, if emerald is the right gem for you!

Can your beautiful strand of pearls assist you in smoothing your emotions or make you an emotional basket case? People with certain birth charts might experience the pearls as generating a calming effect, while for other birth charts the increase in the power of the emotions could be upsetting.

"Just as a house may be fitted with a copper rod to absorb the shock of lightning, so the bodily temple can be protected in certain ways…
The practical preventative uses of astrology have seldom been seriously studied outside of India. One little known fact is that the proper jewels, metals, and plant preparations are valueless unless the required weight is secured and unless the remedial agent is worn next to the skin."

-Sri Yukteswar
Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda

Planetary gemstones are gems that are personally selected for each individual based on their Vedic astrological birth chart. Each gem must be of a specific quality and size, and worn set in jewelry designed according to specific guidelines as outlined in the ancient scriptures of India. Once chosen, mounted, and worn on the finger that corresponds to the planet, with the gem touching the skin, these talismans serve as an enhancing, protective and supportive influence.

The majority of the gems used in this Vedic tradition that are also sold in jewelry stores are heat-treated, which render them completely impotent for healing purposes. Therefore, it is imperative that these gemstone talismans be purchased from a Graduate Gemologist (G.G.), or with a certificate from a gemological laboratory. With my experience as a Graduate Gemologist, as well as in manufacturing jewelry and as a consulting astrologer, I am extremely qualified to guide you through the process of gem selection and jewelry design. This is more than a piece of jewelry, it is a talisman which will be worn 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to enhance specific areas of your life, and/or to act as a protective shield.

Gemstone Recommendation

"All human ills arise from some transgression of universal law… By a number of means- by prayer, by will power, by yoga meditation, by consultation with saints, by use of astrological bangles - the adverse effects of past wrongs can be minimized or nullified."
-Sri Yukteswar
Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda

The first step in this process will be to determine which planet or planets' influence in your birth chart would be beneficial to strengthen. Unlike birthstones, which are assigned to every person born in a calendar month, in the Vedic system, each planet vs. sign of the zodiac has a corresponding gem. Each birth chart has planets that would be beneficial to strengthen as well as planets that would not be in the best interest of the individual to strengthen. Just as each planet corresponds to one of our chakras, and to a color in the light spectrum, note in the musical scale, etc., each planet has been assigned a gem by the Vedic sages. The gems can be seen to enhance or focalize the color ray of the spectrum that the planet emits. This knowledge of the healing power of gemstones comes from the same types of Vedic scriptural sources as the mantras, ayurvedic medicine, the yoga asanas or postures, etc. We have experienced amazing results and powerful benefits for mind, body and spirit from these asanas, mantras, ayurvedic herbs and other disciplines. We can expect similar positive results from our wearing of high quality, properly selected Vedic planetary gemstones.

Please contact me for assistance in determining which gem or gems would be recommended for you to wear based on your Vedic astrological birth chart.

Planets, Gems, etc.

Planet Primary Gem Secondary Gem Metal Worn Where
Sun Ruby Red Spinel
Rhodolite Garnet
Almandite Garnet
Gold Ring finger,
Right hand
Moon Pearl (note: Moonstone emits
the Blue ray, therefore more
closely associated with Jupiter)
Silver Ring finger,
Left hand
Mars Coral Carnelian (Iron)
Silver, gold, copper
Index or ring finger,
Right hand
Mercury Emerald Peridot
(Green Tourmaline-
commonly heat treated)
Yellow gold or
white metals
Pinky or middle finger,
Left or right hand
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire Topaz
(Citrine-usually heat treated)
Gold Index or ring finger,
Right hand
Venus Diamond White Sapphire
White Topaz
(White Zircon-always heat treated)
White metals or gold
Middle finger,
Left or right hand
Saturn Blue Sapphire Lapis Lazuli
(Amethyst - occasionally
heat-treated, synthetic common)
White metals or gold
Middle finger,
Right hand
(Lunar North Node)
Spessartite Garnet Gold or Silver Middle finger
Left hand
(Lunar South Node)
Cat's Eye
  Gold or White Metals Middle finger,
Right hand or
finger and hand of ruler

Colors, Mantras, etc.

Planet Sanskrit Name Color Ray Weekday Mantra*
Sun Surya Red Sunday Om Suryaya Namaha
(Om Soor-yah-yah Nahm-ah-ha)
Moon Chandra Orange Monday Om Chandraya Namaha
(Om Chahn-drah-yah Nahm-ah-ha)
Mars Mangala,Kuja, Angara Yellow Tuesday Om Angarakaya Namaha
(Om Ahng-gah-rah-kah-ya Nahm-ah-ha)
Mercury Budha Green Wednesday Om Budhaya Namaha
(Om Bood-hah-yah Nahm-ah-ha)
Jupiter Guru,
Blue Thursday Om Gurave Namaha
(Om Goo-rah-vey Nahm-ah-ha)
Venus Shukra Indigo Friday Om Shukraya Namaha
(Om Shoo-krah-yah Nahm-ah-ha)
Saturn Shani Violet Saturday

Om Shanaishcharaya Namaha
(Om Shahn-eish-chahr-eye-yah Nahm-ah-ha)
To be used before age 29

Om Sri Shanaishcharaya Swaha
(Om Shree Shahn-eish-chahr-eye-yah Swah-ha)
To be used at age 29 and older

Rahu Ultraviolet   Om Rahuve Namaha
(Om Rah-hoo-vey Nahm-ah-ha)
Ketu Infrared   Om Ketuve Namaha
(Om Key-too-vey Nahm-ah-ha)

* These are the planetary mantras as given to me by my teacher, Namadeva, Thomas Ashley-Farrand as found in his book and cd Healing Mantras. Use the mantra that you have been given by your teacher. Receiving a mantra audibly carries empowerment from your teacher.

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