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Red Coral is the primary gem for the planet Mars. Coral is organic, having been created by the coral polyp, a sedentary marine animal that secretes a calcium carbonate skeleton. The branchlike forms of coral are actually colonies of these tiny polyps that eventually accumulate quantities of polyps vast enough to form coral reefs.

The Coral most highly prized for use in jewelry comes from the Mediterranean Sea, both off the coast of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco as well as off the coast of Italy. Other sources include coastal waters near Japan and Ireland. For Vedic gem uses in strengthening Mars' influence, we want Red Coral, which includes all of the more intense colors, including orange and red tones. White and Pink varieties of Coral are highly prized for use in jewelry, yet are secondary gems in the Vedic system. Black Coral is also found in jewelry use, yet is entirely inappropriate for Vedic uses. Conch Shell and Conch Pearl may be found as substitutes for Coral, yet are from shells and are not Coral.

Mars is a natural malefic planet and for this reason alone, care must be used in the use of Coral. For certain birth charts, though, Mars is a temporal benefic influence. As this determination, of the benefic or malefic status of Mars for a particular chart is determined based on the birth time, please be sure that you have an accurate birth time for your chart. Some professional astrologers specialize in 'rectification', which includes your submitting a history of the major events of your life and the astrologer fits the events to the chart, therefore determining an accurate birth time. If you have worked with your chart long enough to know that you have an accurate time, and a professional Vedic astrologer recommends your wearing of Red Coral, be assured that you will be working with a very powerful gem!

Coral has very interesting historical uses. The Romans adorned their armor with Coral aware of its association with Mars, the God of War. All cultures recognized the connection of Coral adornments and medicinal powders as remedials that affected the blood, the heart, courage and increased energy. Many cultures use the color red in spiritual and cultural rituals and therefore you find Coral valued in such diverse societies as Tibetan, Mandarin Chinese and Native American Indian nations.

Coral is very commonly dyed and many substitutes including celluloid and sealing wax are readily available. Your Coral should be smooth with no pits and the gem should be devoid of any dark inclusions or dark spots. The color should be as even as possible and a nice polish should be evident. Coral is a rather soft material and therefore will easily become scratched with wear. The Coral that I sell is Natural Undyed Coral from Italy. The sources vary on size, or weight recommendations. In the gem trade we never speak of Coral in terms of carat weight, but the Vedic gem sources do, and they recommend anywhere from 3 carats to 8 carats minimum weight. Two sources agree that 6 carats is the minimum weight.

The Mars ring above features flames depicted in the style of Tibetan art and serves as a reminder to the wearer of the heat that they are bringing into their life with the wearing of this hot gem!

Carnelian is a secondary gem for the planet Mars. Carnelian is a variety of Chalcedony Quartz and occurs in beautiful shades of translucent orange and orange brown.

*Warning regarding all Mars gems. Coral and Carnelian are heating to our bodies and energetic systems. These gems should be worn only when recommended, obviously, and with awareness as to the sense of heat in both the body and the emotions. Even if recommended by your astrologer as a supportive talisman, please remove the gem from contact with your body if you feel your heart racing, if you have high blood pressure or feel overheated, agitated, 'hot-headed', etc. One of my favorite ways to check the 'channeler' on any modern esoteric book on gems and crystals is to flip straight to Ruby and Coral and see if there is any warning on the use of these hot gems. If there is not I consider that the 'channeler' does not know of what they speak to be unable to feel the heat emanating from these gemstones.

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