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My Background

My career in the jewelry industry began with a complete training in all facets of 'bench work' or the manufacture of jewelry; design, wax model making, casting, finishing, gemstone setting, and hand engraving. After one and a half years training at the bench, followed by one year as an apprentice hand engraver, I transitioned into retail sales. At age 21, I accepted a management position in a jewelry store with seven employees, doing one million dollars in sales. Always seeking additional education, my next career advancement step was to obtain my Graduate Gemologist in Residence degree from the Gemological Institute of America where I was offered a teaching position. I instead opted for a partnership with a fellow Graduate Gemologist and we worked for two years in South America, both in 'the bush' buying diamond and gem rough crystals as well as in the major cites buying estate jewelry. This experience brought a great breadth and depth to my knowledge of the jewelry industry. Returning to the States, I co-founded a diamond jewelry manufacturing business, which we developed to be ready for a public offering.

When the timing in my chart called for a whole new career cycle and the beginning of a seven year period associated with knowledge and spiritual searching, I sold my interest in the manufacturing business to my partner. After two years of part-time transitioning out of the business, I was off on my spiritual search full-time. My search included studies of astrology, psychology and a few theological systems, including Kabbalah, teachings of the Hawaiian kahunas, and the beginnings of my personal work with mantras. My psychological training entailed eleven years of dream analysis with a brilliant psychiatrist and renowned master of the dream world. My astrological consulting work was immensely enhanced by this dreamwork and analysis.

My first years of studying astrology consisted of going to many major conferences, taking various classes locally, and reading a lot. I then found my primary teacher, whose training filled in any gaps and got my delineation skills primed. At the time I was learning technical analysis for trading the stock markets, so it was a natural for me to investigate financial astrology. This research, reading the charts of corporations and countries, lead me to writing a column titled Getting Into The Market for Aspects magazine, the magazine published by Aquarius Workshops. I began consulting with individuals in 1998 and maintained a part time consulting practice until January of 2003.

Gems came back into my life, along with Vedic astrology at the PRO-SIG, now the Organization of Professional Astrology conference in November 1999. There I connected with some members of ACVA, The American Council of Vedic Astrologers. One of the Board Members of ACVA, one of the top American Vedic Astrologers who I connected with at the conference, upon hearing of my jewelry background suggested that I return to my work with gems, with the additional knowledge of the Vedic uses of gems.

I began by reading everything that I could find in English on the subject and you will find this list of books under Sources & Links. I exhibited a collection of gems and jewelry at the ACVA certification conference in Hawaii in April of 2000. I studied Vedic astrology via conferences, books and attending classes at The School of Vedic Astrology in Brentwood. I have been making Vedic astrological jewelry part time since the end of 1999, while continuing my Tropical, or Western astrological consulting practice part time. In January of 2003 I discontinued my astrological consulting practice in order to work full time with Vedic gems and jewelry. I am thrilled to be doing this work and feel that all of my experience in both the jewelry industry as well as astrology is being put to good use in the service of assisting others in finding the right powerful healing gem and in designing a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Please contact me for assistance with your own custom designed and selected Vedic planetary gem talisman.

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